Do you even grind bro?

Ok this one tickled my sack a little more than it normally does today. Scrolling through a sea of @JohnDoe_fitness and @BasicBetty_fit pages on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve, along with myself, seen a mirror #swolfie at Planet Gayness with a caption letting everyone know how “hardcore” they are or how “alpha” they are or my favorite one, their “grind never stops”.

If you’ve been at it long enough, you start to realize when people are full of shit, REALLY QUICKLY. Lord Wendler describes it as having a built in bullshit detector…and quite frankly that’s exactly what it is. You see some shit head who is 140lbs soaking wet, who goes to the gym and pumps his chest and arms up every day with string bean legs hollowing out his skinny jeans. The same guy who posts a picture of his skinny abs while pretending to take a piss and let’s everyone know that he


“Just killed chest and tris! #grind #hardcore #alpha #SoMuchFitness #Fitfam #AllTheHashtags”

The same guy who is afraid to squat because of a sprained toe in a 2nd grade soccer game, or who can’t deadlift because his vagina hurts too bad, yet wants to tell you how hard he fucking grinds.

images (3).jpg


Now what I say next is speaking for the majority of 1%ers who’ve developed an advanced bullshit detector.

Shut your fucking mouth and go train, Noone gives a damn how much you grind or how hardcore you think you are. Anyone can get in the gym and go through the motions a few times a week pumping the muscle up with cable flyes, knee bending quarter squats, or scared cat stiff leg deadlifts.

Go put some heavy ass weight on your back and squat it, go pick up a barbell and throw it around. Go push a fucking sled that holds 2x+ your body weight until you puke, go carry some heavy dumbbells down the road until your hands bleed. Do this over and over and over and over  until you too have developed your own built in bullshit detector. At that point you will know just how hardcore you really think you are. Until then shut the hell up and train. Theres no excuse for you being a soft androgynous fairy puff. You’re weak because you’re weak. So dont you tell me how much you grind.

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