I really want to write to the point where its been driving me absolutely fucking insane that i haven’t been able to…writing eases my mind, it takes me away from being an irritable, prick. It’s a time when i can let my mind go off and get things out that I may not have other wise been able to do so. But for some reason lately I can’t fucking write. I don’t get it…I used to do all these vivid, “in-depth” philosophical thinking of various subjects. Thought about the universe a lot, like how it works, trying to tie things together, make sense of things that don’t make any sense, yet still finding ways to make it make sense and then having it not make sense about how it makes sense. And yes, that made sense. BUT for some bullshit reason i don’t think like that anymore, not sure if it’s because of stress, my busy lifestyle, or if i had a mild stroke…whatever the case may be, its been bothering the shit out of me.

So last night a friend of mine and I were talking in regards to this matter, and he said just go fucking write it out and even if its cryptic to only you, you’ll still haveĀ gotten the broken thought out of your brain and onto something solid…something recorded, that i can leave alone and maybe one day come back to with a clearer mind and try to make sense.

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