Dreaming Reality

Last night I was setting up to squat 700lbs. I was wrapped up, belted up, and gripping the bar. I could feel the iron tearing through my hands. As I felt the bar on my back the weight felt like nothing. I took a deep breath and unracked it with the force of God. Took in a deep breath and then I woke up. It was a dream that felt so real to me that I tried forcing myself to fall back asleep again so that I could finish what I started. I tried for about an hour and it just wasn’t coming back to me. As I lay in bed, anxious and pissed off, I look over and see it’s 3:35 AM. T-Minus 14 hours until I can train and feel the weight on my back again. It won’t be 700, so I’ll just have to wait 2 more weeks. Hopefully the dream will come back.

Moral: Find something in life you want so bad that if it comes to you in a dream, and you’re dying to fall back asleep just to feel it again, wake the fuck up the next day and make that dream a god damn reality.

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